Tuning & Repairs

Out of tune? We will take care.
Are you looking for a piano-tuner? Does your piano need repairing? Are you unsatisfied with the feel of the action or the sound your piano makes?

Then we can help!
We offer a comprehensive service covering all aspects of piano maintenance and repair.

A piano in a private household should be tuned at least once a year.
For schools, for piano teachers or in other institutions where greater demands are placed on instruments, we recommend tuning the instruments more often.

Our trained piano-technicians are happy to cater to the individual needs of our customers and rectify small defects immediately. Our service team is happy to give you advice on a suitable appointment and can also remind you that your piano is due to be tuned, if so desired.

Do you need a qualified piano tuning?
You can make an appointment by phoning 069/448622 or via our request form for appointments